Supporting a family member or friend with CNC

We understand that it can be scary to see a loved-one having to go through surgery/ surgeries or standby and watch as they are having to learn to cope with whatever CNC decided to throw at them.

Sometimes the people that notice the changes feel helpless and powerless.
Right now you might even feel the urge to take action or do something for that person in your life affected by CNC.

Learning to cope with a life altering disease or situation requires time, understanding, acknowledgement, acceptance and patience from those around you. Most of the people diagnosed with CNC will be taken by surprise and might even have to have surgery within a small time frame. They could feel just as helpless and powerless as you do.

Offer to do something for them 

Asking if there is anything you can do can be too overwhelming to answer when someone with CNC might still be in the process of coping with the news given to them. It can be really hard to know what it is that could be helpful to them at the moment.

That’s why we suggest you offer to do something instead. That way they can take you up on that offer at a later point in time, when they’ve sorted themselves out.

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