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Understanding the root of the problem

Medical students are often rushed over the topic of rare diseases. After all rare diseases are ‘unlikely to come up in exams’ and they ‘probably won’t ever encounter them anyway’. Consequently leading to a large cohort of healthcare professionals, who have never heard of and little to no experience in dealing with rare disease patients – or for that matter Carney Complex (CNC). This is were the Carney Complex Community needs to pick up the slack. Ultimately patients cannot expect to be diagnosed on the spot by someone with something they’ve never seen or heard of.

Diagnosis can be difficult (even for healthcare professionals)

Further more clinicians are trained to look for the obvious causes first. Diagnosing someone with CNC becomes very tricky if the patient does not exhibit two major criteria of the diagnostic criteria during the intial diagnostic workup. Moreover complicated by the fact that CNC shares many symptoms with different diseases. As well as there being misconceptions on when and how symptoms express themselves in CNC.

Become part of the solution

In other words it’s not about knowing the answer – what matters is knowing where to go to find answers! Until now there hasn’t been a place for medical professionals to turn to.

Above all this has to change!
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Healthcare Professionals for Carney Complex

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Who is who

Admin of the Healthcare Professional Group on linkedin.


Jennifer Woods
Patient Advocate for Carney Complex


Manager of the Healthcare Professional Group on linkedin.


Currently vacant

Moderator of the Healthcare Professional Group on linkedin.

Medical Adviser to the Admin team

Moderator and Adviser

Jared Bass D.O.
Emergency Medicine Resident PGY4 Spectrum Health Lakeland

United States

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