Improving things on the website

Keyboard with update

AUGUST 1st 2021

Not been feeling my best to be adding new content but at least good enough to chip away at improving things on the website.

Changes made:

  • Worked a bit more on the overall layout of the first page (Home) for the website. Not quite where I want it… be prepared for more changes in the future.
  • Added ‘breadcrumbs’ to the pages found in the ‘Diagnosis’ navigation menu and it’s dropdown menu. Hopefully this will help you with the structure of where you are and how you got there. It’s located at the top of each page.
  • Blog is now properly showing posts (Finally!!!). I’ve had to change the layout slightly as it just wasn’t pleasant to the eye.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday.


P.S: Many thanks go out to my partner C. for helping me out today. This is all still a learning process for me and I kept ending up in dead ends – despite watching ‘How to do’ videos or quizzing google. Always nice to have someone who can turn me around and say: ‘Have you considered this?’ and let me run down a slightly different path. Thanx hun XX